Much of Jeremiah’s work is influenced by his childhood in Dallas — his perception of race relations and the police growing up in predominantly black neighborhoods, his boyhood appreciation for Lamborghinis and his favorite shows like the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Jeremiah also juxtaposes challenging subjects like police brutality and racial violence with the innocence of toy-like pieces for his 5-month-old son. In Khild’s Play – Building Blocks, the wooden blocks represent Jeremiah’s son while the concrete encasing represents the prison he says his son was born into as a black boy in America. Jeremiah said the piece is also a reflection of his own life decisions that eventually led to his time in prison. 

Jeremiah was once called a “primitive” artist by an acquaintance in the Dallas art scene who commented on his lack of formal art school training. While offended at first, Jeremiah channeled his frustration into his work, embracing a “primitive” way to make art through the sledgehammering, ripping, punching and kicking of wood.